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From The Desk Of Paul Walker
Creator of Affiliate Cash Ultimatum

Welcome VIP partner to the Affiliate Cash Ultimatum (ACU)...the high-quality product that looks, feels and delivers like its worth $197 but instead it is being sold at $47 on the front end. It also comes along with a high-ticket upsell and a recurring membership at the backend.

But, let go straight to the point: what is in it for you actually?

Let me explain: 

1. By promoting this high-quality product, you are about to receive a massive commission of 70% of a comprehensive system (with videos and huge bonuses) that sells for $47, an OTO at $77, and another recurring membership at backend at $37/month. On average our customers will stay for at least 4 months. So you are about to earn 70% x (47$+77$+37$x4) or up to 190$/sale!!!

2. Your customers will thank you for recommending them such a powerful course that can change their life. This is a win-win situation for everyone.

Many big IM hitters have been on board so I believe it will become a big hit in Clickbank. I hope you can jump on board to help us to make some Instant Buzz! I hope we can form a long-term partnership in which we will help each other promote our products.




Product: An comprehensive course that teaches how to make 5 or 6 figure income online within a short time. Jam-packed with videos and bonuses. The course covers everything to make money online as an affiliate with any affiliate network. Some top secret techniques will also be cover. This will be a killer.

Sales page: Handled by top copywriter. Estimated to convert at as high as 4-9%. Solid income proofs provided.

Our last launch Clickbank Cash Supreme converted at 8.9% for our top partners. This launch Affiliate Cash Ultimatum promises to convert better!!!


The OTO converts at a crazy 21%.

Launch Date : Tuesday, June 22nd 2010 at 12:00 PM EST

Prelaunch Begins : Thursday, June 17th 2010. Handled by top marketing team who have experienced in many big launches before (with average converting rate at 7%). Prelaunch phase designed to create huge excitement.

Platform : Clickbank. Create an account if you don't have yet here.

Price : $47 for the main product, and 77$ for OTO, recurring 37$/month for back-end.

Commission : 70% of everything

Total Payout : Affiliates make up to $190/lead

JV Prizes : Amazing prizes ... Check Them Out Inside!


The product and sales process has been tested and then RE-Tested for the purpose of:

#1: Creating buyer frenzy. Maximizing conversion rate with proofs, testimonials and case studies.

#2: Over-delivering to customers to keep low refund rate. 

So rest assured that your list will be satisfied with this high-quality product.

Furthermore, please read the below carefully...


You and I Can Form a Long-Term Relationship

You see, this page is for my personal invites only. If you are here, its because I have personally identified you as a VIP Joint Venture partner…

I have done so many JVs before with many big names like Adeel Chowdry, Justin Blake, Lanty Paul, Steven Johnson, Michael Jones... I know how fruitful a long-term partnership can be...I meant thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in this business. And today, I'd like to propose a partnership with you:

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If you go all out for me and have a quality product of your own, I will ensure we make sales for you. Not a half hearted effort, a full push in proportion to what you have to offer…

That means you can double down easily on your earnings here.

Now let's talk a bit about Affiliate Cash Ultimatum...


Over-delivered, Hot Product with Solid Proofs

What is Affiliate Cash Ultimatum?

Affiliate Cash Ultimatum teaches all the techniques to make money online without a product or website.  Affiliates will find the most powerful techniques to generate quick and easy money without any experience, any website or capital inside the member area jammed packed with videos and blueprints.

They can use the secret techniques to build their affiliate empire, to bring in paychecks from any affiliate networks (Clickbank, Paydotcom, CPA networks etc) over and over again.

ACU is equipped with videos and many surprised bonuses with over-delivered contents. This definitely is the course that can help affiliates to rake in as much as 5 figure income per month.

Many proofs, testimonials, case studies from people with no IM experience who implemented some of these techniques to make crazy money will be featured on the sale page. So trust me your list will kill for it ;)

What are the upsells?

Details Coming Soon!

More Details Inside >>>


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As you probably know, the best time to promote is on launch day.

Why? Because on the launch day, the product is still fresh and not many IMers have purchased it. After the launch, there will be more and more top-level JV partners joining daily so you might loose the 'early-mover' advantage. 

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Affiliate Cash Ultimatum will launch on June 22nd and you can make up to 190$ per sale. The Product is Killer, Fresh and will seriously over deliver as well as make your referrals a lot of money. Many heavy-hitters are joining the launch so the best time to promote the product is on the launch date.

We want to form a long-term partnership with you so jump in and help us! We will promote your product in return after the launch frenzy.



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Talk soon,

Paul Walker

Affiliate Cash Ultimatum